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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Gather around, kids. I have a story based on a real experience. And pls don't think this is a ripoff of Storytime With Emma.

    I like adding intros to characters. There are about 63 characters, and three of them are main.

    I'd love to introduce the prep first. I'm going to call her Rachel for safety reasons. Rachel is a prep who is popular (I mean, who wouldn't have 30 whiny primadonnas constantly raving about you because you love Sabrina Carpenter? Lol). She's kind of a primadonna who listens to pop and ONLY pop. She's the 411 of celebrities and her family's so rich, she was rumored to have been born with a golden coin in her mouth. The Coin of Luck! (Holds up penny)

    Now there's..... Veronica. She's an Emo, and she's a little invisible. (She to…

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Sassy Sabrina is SabrinaCarpenterLove's name in her game show, Sassy Models. She is super sassy. Here is the best of for Sassy Sabrina.

    Alright, you no good girls and boys, this is not a cute little sass party thrown by your little cousins. This is a serious sass competition to determine who'll be the biggest superstar in the community for the JD: MTB Wiki. It's all on you. Don't f**k up your art or your responses, no excuses. And no, you may not pick your nose and eat it for good luck! Now, your first show challenge is (says the challenge). Good job, don't f**k it up, please. Leave them here on my desk. Good luck! (Smiles sarcastically)

    Okay, what do we have here? Mmm..... what're you holding there, Emma? A masterpiece? Gimme! Gimme right n…

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