Gather around, kids. I have a story based on a real experience. And pls don't think this is a ripoff of Storytime With Emma.

Introduction to the Characters

I like adding intros to characters. There are about 63 characters, and three of them are main.

I'd love to introduce the prep first. I'm going to call her Rachel for safety reasons. Rachel is a prep who is popular (I mean, who wouldn't have 30 whiny primadonnas constantly raving about you because you love Sabrina Carpenter? Lol). She's kind of a primadonna who listens to pop and ONLY pop. She's the 411 of celebrities and her family's so rich, she was rumored to have been born with a golden coin in her mouth. The Coin of Luck! (Holds up penny)

Now there's..... Veronica. She's an Emo, and she's a little invisible. (She told me this last year. Apparently, Rachel and her clique don't love Emo. Rude much? God.) She gets in fights with Rachel, and they always pull me in like I'm a rag doll. While she isn't exactly rich, she does have a few hundred dollars. (And Rachel calls Veronica the "Hun-dreaded" because of this.) She would've been born with a silver Tokio Hotel coin in her mouth. 

Then there's me. You won't see me much in there, but I'm a mix of Pop and Emo. I have one piece of Emo and I won't let go of it. You know, until I die.

One day, Veronica and her Emo girls were listening to May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight and Hell Above (connected PTV songs), when Rachel and her clique turned on Work From Home. Veronica turned off WFH, so Rachel turned off MTNSYIYST.

Veronica: Hey, you turn back on Pierce the Veil this second!

Rachel: Can't make me! (You see? Primadonna.)

Veronica: Oh yeah? Well what if my fists made you?

Rachel: Does prissy girl wanna fiiiight?

Veronica: You're the one who's prissy! Also, I do wanna fight.

Sabrina (me): Now? Here?

Rachel: No. My nails need to dry.

Sabrina: Meet at the bleachers after school.

Veronica: Fine, we will.

So as you can see, I made a fight go on after school. 

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